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You say goodbye, I say hello!

We do love injecting a bit of song into our blog titles don’t we!

Last week was a sad week for Coast, when we said farewell to our resident funny gal, Emily Ward (yes, we still have to full name her – having two Emily W’s in the office was hard work – and not just because of their names 😜).

Emily joined us pretty much as soon as 2020 started, and bought with her a whole load of laughs, lots of positivity and an eagerness to learn all about merchandise. Emily was a fully qualified Midwife but fancied a change after an encounter with a bag of branded merchandise she found in a dark alleyway one evening before her twilight shift started. She wondered how she could help create similar masterpieces and set to work on finding a role in the industry. Coast were hiring and the rest, as they say, is history*.

(*some parts of this story may have been embellished for your entertainment. She was most definitely a Midwife, and we were most definitely hiring when she fancied a change.)

Despite babies and branded merchandise being two very different topics, Emily took to the role like a duck to water. It was approx. one working day before it felt like she’d always been a part of the team, and she navigated her way through our in-house systems and processes like she’d been doing it for years!

We were all so excited when Emily gave us all the wonderful news that we were going to be new aunties and uncles to her brand-new baby last year. Turns out that she much prefers her new, beautiful, squidgy, smiley baby girl, to us (which we’re not quite over, but can’t blame her for) so despite loving her role at Coast, has decided to part ways and fully embrace the role of a lifetime, being a Mummy to little Evie.

We will really miss you, Emily Ward. You’ve been a much-loved part of the team! We can’t wait to hear your tales of Motherhood.


With the industry making a quick recovery from the effects of Covid, the Coast office has been busy lately, so we couldn’t leave it too long before we filled Emily’s shoes.

That leads us the the HELLO section of this weeks blog.

We are pleased to announce that Maddie has joined us as our brand new Sales & Events Administrator.

Maddie is new to the industry but is very keen to get stuck in and learn all about the wonderful world of merchandise and events! We’re on day four of her first week and despite Amie’s terrible singing and Emily Wraight’s (yep, still full naming this Emily too!) bad jokes, she’s still here and picking up those industry quirks like a pro. It won’t be long before she’s firing on all cylinders and in regular contact with you all!

Maddie’s been doing a lot of product research this week and getting to grips with everything the industry has to offer – here are her three favourite products so far!

The Bullet Juice 8000MAH Wireless Powerbank

"Not only is this an incredibly useful, on the go product, but it provides the option to charge your phone with or without a cable. There's no need to worry if you forget that lead because of the morning rush to get out the door! I especially love the variety of colours it comes in; red, royal blue, silver and solid black, there’s a colour that will match most brands! It has a great branding area, with the option for an up to four colour print, or an expensive looking laser engrave."

Green and Good X Ocean Bottle

"This bottle is made from both recycled plastic and stainless steel, and helps to support local coastal communities across the world, which is what I think makes this product so exciting! Every bottle that is sold ultimately funds the collection of 11.4kg of plastic, which is equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles! The plastic bank ensures the plastic waste is always collected by locals in coastal communities which makes our environment a better place to be. The bottle also has an amazing range of colours; black, green, grey, orange, royal blue and sky blue. Your brand will be engraved onto the bottle, making sure the recipients know how eco-conscious your business is. I mean who wouldn't like a cute looking but also environmentally conscious bottle?"

Now to move onto my final and most favourite product...

The Metal Straw Set

"I know what you're thinking, it doesn’t sound very exciting, but this metal straw set has many handy benefits that stand out. The set provides a cleaning brush along with 3 metal straws all used for different drinks; such as a straight straw for that refreshing G&T after a long stressful day at work, a bent straw that can be used for any drink of your choice and the best one… a milkshake straw! I mean, are you not tired of those paper straws where you cannot even get a sip out of your drink without it getting all wet and soggy? The straw set is not only durable and sustainable, but you can also laser engrave your own logo into the straws, so it’s now handy, reliable and personalised with your brand! What more could you want?"

Maddie fits the Coast team like a glove, and with her positive attitude and eagerness to learn everything she can about branding, we know she'll smash it in her new role.

Welcome to the team, Maddie!

And, yes. For all of those wondering, she is also the newest member of the Coast Cockerpoo Club we told you all about a few blogs back! We really don't insist new team members have a Cockerpoo (or do we?).

As always, if you'd like to find out more about how Coast can help enhance your marketing campaigns with a bit of branded merchandise, or if you've got an event coming up you'd like some giveaways for, you can get in touch in the usual ways.

hello@go-coast.co.uk | 01797 322307 | go-coast.co.uk

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