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Working From Home - A Poem

We're on our second day of working from home and one of the Emilys has written a poem.

Here it is:

Sheep onesie on, cup of tea in hand Working from home doesn’t seem so bad Get out the laptop, surprise - it’s dead Plug it in, leads too short, so I’m now working on the floor next to my bed

Sitting on the sofa, skyping the team Is my boss dressed as Elvis or is this all just a dream? The MD in festive PJs, Sales Manager with no trousers on I couldn’t see this, but I know I’m not wrong!

Take a little break to practice some yoga Then decide to take a look at the latest from COBRA The world’s gone crazy & I feel anxious again Best do some mindfulness to re-find my inner zen

Back to work for an hour or two Swiftly checking off my list of my tasks to do Have a quick break, browse the net & make myself a Ribena 20 minutes later, I’m still on YouTube watching a dog do the Macarena

Missing the team in the office & our random chats Maybe I’ll go mad and get some cats Wander around my flat and see all the jobs I need to do The distractions are real, so make a list to come back to

Pop on a podcast to keep me company Ok, can’t concentrate, Chris & Rosie are too funny Back to silence, back to work, how much of this can I take? It’s 1pm on day 2… for goodness sake!!!


So, there it is. You're most definitely not alone in home distractions, the news, the anxiety, not getting properly dressed, and the not quite long enough chargers for your devices.

It's entirely likely that there'll be more of this to come so make sure you subscribe to our blog to keep you sane during this incredibly surreal time! It's work related, so your bosses won't mind, promise!

Also, definitely worth checking out our Social Media channels. We'll be doing working from home selfies, and they are not to be missed!

Stay healthy,

The Coast Team

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