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Who fancies a drink?

Sip sip hooray, today we will be discussing some cool drinkware, ranging from mugs to protein shakers! All would look perfect with your brand printed on them 😎.

These drinkware products are ideal for everyday life whether that’s in or out of the office. Who doesn’t enjoy a coffee to start the day? Even better in a cup with your name on! 😁

Here at Coast, we love our branded drinkware! We find it has always been useful, fun, and presentable to have our brand name printed on mugs, coffee cups and glassware, and that is why we think it would be perfect to show you!

To begin with, the Cambridge Mug is one of the most popular styles of mugs, it is a classic Earthenware mug, and has always been a perfect cup for any large or niche company. It can be printed on directly which allows you to pantone match your brand logo onto the product. It allows both transfer and digital print too meaning you can have a full colour print on the mug. Another reason as to why it is so great, you can choose from a large range of colours to match your company logo and it is both dishwasher and microwave safe (that’s always good to know!).

Everyone loves a good water bottle, so let us show you these biodegradable finger grip bottles. These bottles have many eco-friendly benefits starting with being recyclable and can biodegrade faster in landfill or the ocean, once disposed of, in a few years it will eventually become food for microbes! It doesn’t leave behind any microplastics, just natural remnant. It is also manufactured in the UK meaning it reduces the carbon footprint and is also BPA free. Who wouldn’t want to represent their company with these bottles?

Next up, the ‘Shakermate’ protein shaker. This is the world’s first full colour protein shaker, impressive right? This protein shaker would be a great giveaway for events to promote and spread awareness for your company. The shaker itself has an integrated mesh mixer, a rounded inner base for easy cleaning, and displays capacity levels up to 700ml! It is again manufactured in the UK, therefore reducing carbon footprint and BPA free. You may also choose from a range of lid and clip colours to match your brand 😎.

The Universal Tumbler is another staple item to have. This coffee cup is double walled so if you’d prefer a hot drink on a chilly day then this cup is guaranteed not to burn your hands when holding it. It comes in many colours with a choice to change the lid colour too. You also have the choice as to whether you would like the inner cup colour black or white, just a minor detail that can add a lot to your cup! 😁 It is both dishwasher and microwave safe, manufactured in the UK and again BPA free.

Our final product to show you is the ‘Vina Old Fashioned’ glass. This glass would look beautiful in a gift set and would work well as a promotional giveaway. If you are looking for something to wow your customers, then this glass is the perfect product to show off your brand name! It is also top rack dishwasher safe.

We could sit here and talk about our range of drinkware products all day, so for now we will say goodbye and thank you for taking the time to read 😊. There are plenty more blogs to come so stay tuned for next weeks’ blog!

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