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We're (almost) free!!

It's Friday 9th April 2021, and we all know what that means... Just one more weekend to go before we can do something else other than binge on TV and make the tough decision of which pair of clean PJ's to wear.

We've had just over a year of being in our homes (with a little relief in the middle), and now we're "cautiously but irreversibly", slowly but surely, being handed our freedom back and it feels amazing!

With only three days to go to remember how to act in social settings (and find that pair of jeans that can accommodate our lockdown lbs), we asked the Poet Laureate of Coast Promotions to sum up how we're all feeling, and here it is:

It’s been over a year locked up / locked down

But it’s finally time we can hit the town

April the 12th we’ve been waiting for you

We’ve been dreaming of all the things we can now do

In 2019 this would all seem so silly

But now we’re happy to be outside - albeit chilly

Meet up with 6 friends for some alfresco dining

Or to a pub garden for some well-deserved wine-ing!

Finally, we can go to the hairdressers to trim our locks

Get a cheeky pedicure, so we can remove our socks!

Play tennis, golf and football too

Go see the animals at the zoo!

We can go to the gym (if we really feel the urge?!)

Or perhaps go (non-essential) shopping for a well overdue splurge

Theme parks and libraries, salons and spas

Shops and outdoor dining, pubs and bars

All these things we used to take for granted

They now feel new, exciting and almost enchanted

So let’s celebrate and support businesses – albeit ‘cautiously’ ;)

As we head into the next stage of ‘normality’!

We're sure you'll agree that this sums up 12th April perfectly.

So, whether you're spending time in your garden or the pub garden, writing your shopping list ready to hit the High Street or planning to reopen your business, we hope that next week brings you, and the country, the happiness we've all missed over the past year!

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