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The Power of Colour 🌈

Did you know?...

🌈 Colours increase brand awareness by 80%

🌈 Colour influences 85% of shoppers' purchase decisions

🌈 Around 62-90% of the product assessment is based on colours alone

Colours influence how consumers view the ‘personality’ of a brand. so it’s important you get it right!

It can determine how a consumer feels emotionally when they see the brand and more importantly colour choices can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

I'm sure like us sometimes you see a colour and your mind relates it to a popular brand eg: OMG that dress is Barbie pink, I love it! Coca-Cola red, Cadbury purple, Amazon orange... I could go on!

Below is a breakdown of what each colour means and it's symbolism:

❤️ RED the colour of intense emotions - passion, anger, heat. It's the colour of fire and blood but then also of love. It is bold and energetic and can symbolise strength and power but you need to be careful with the impression you want to give off.

🧡 ORANGE is associated with fun and vibrancy, therefore it is suited to energetic and youthful brands. Also because of its link to it's fruity namesake, it can be seen as fresh and healthy! Orange is best suited to youthful and energetic brands due to its association with fun.

💛 YELLOW is the most visible colour from a distance - think about when you see those golden arches from the motorway (McDonald's!) like an angel in the night! However despite yellow being a sunshine colour it can also be seen as a cautionary colour, used in life vests, police cordoning tape, and hazardous places.

💚 GREEN is seen as both an environmental and natural colour but also related to finance and wealth (the colour of money!). Brighter, lighter greens are used to indicate growth, vitality, and renewal; whereas darker, richer greens represent prestige, wealth, and abundance.

💙 BLUE is one of the most popular colours within branding as it denotes reliability, trustworthiness, and communication - Think Facebook, Twitter, Barclays. Blue being the colour of the sea (think Coast 😉) and the sky also gives it a calming and harmonious quality. Don't forget however the shade of blue you choose as it can also be associated with depression and sadness, hence the phrase "feeling blue".

💜 PURPLE is heavily associated with royalty along with spirituality and mysteriousness. Dark purple is a luxury colour and lighter shades can be seen as feminine and nostalgic. It is one of the least favoured brand colours; however, Cadbury seem to have made it work!

I hope this has made you think a little more about your Brand colours and how they work for you?

Don't forget we can Pantone match your specific brand shades on plenty of our products to really give your branded merchandise the personalisation and impact it deserves.

Get in touch today to see how we can make your brand colours POP! hello@go-coast.co.uk

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