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Spring is coming!!

Forgive us for wishing the weeks away but, it’s February. That means it’s almost March, and March = Spring – woohoo!!

It won’t be long until the trees have their green leaves back and the flowers start to bloom again. Weekend walks (or runs in our case!) will be a bit sunnier, and it won’t be long until those clocks go forward.

The last couple of years have seen us all being a bit more green fingered. We’ve all had a go at planting pretty flowers, growing some tomatoes and making sure our outdoor space is one that we enjoyed spending time in when we couldn’t go anywhere else. It’s not just us humans who have seen the benefit of this, our wildlife has too. Insects have had places to get their food, in the form of leaves, nectar and pollen, as well as shelter and new places to breed.

Spring is the time we all think about what we’ll be planting this year, and we’ve decided to keep things simple but effective with some wild flowers this year. Low maintenance, throw and go seeds, and loved by many a wildlife species!

What on earth does any of this have to do with branded merchandise we hear you cry! Well, let us tell you how you can help your staff and clients continue with their colourful gardens, and show how conscious you are of keep our environment blooming and your commitment to it.

Seed Packets

An inexpensive and effective way to promote your products and services, these seed packets give maximum impact. They’re lightweight (easy to handle and post to recipients), versatile (hand them out at an event, pop in the post, or in a goody bag), creative and come in a huge range of seeds of all types, colours and varieties.

Seeded Paper

Are you looking for a new, ecological and sustainable way to communicate with your staff and clients? Seeded paper is perfect. The heavy (approx. 300gsm) natural hand-made paper is filled with wildflower seeds. Can be cut to any shape, so is a great alternative to greetings cards, or thank you notes! Once read, instead of being put in the recycling bin, they can be laid just beneath the surface of prepared soil/compost, and they’ll bloom into wildflowers.

Seed Booklets

These bespoke seed booklets can be fully personalised and contain an inner seed packet (choose from flowers, vegetables, herbs or tree seeds).

Growing Gifts

They may be small in size, but will have a big impact. With its tiny terracotta flower pot, measuring 55mm in diameter, this subtle little starter kit includes seeds, Cocopress peat-free compost and a full colour sleeve printed with your details. Choose from nine exciting seed varieties including sunflowers and cherry tomatoes.

Desktop Garden

Brighten up the desks of your recipients with these great desktop gardens. Available in silver and black recycled brushed aluminium, they come complete with an innovative seedball that will germinate within 7-14 days.

Planted Pots

Looking for a high-end gift for your staff and clients? These planted concrete pots are the perfect sustainable solution. Modern and minimalist, this pot comes planted with a random succulent ready to look good in any home or office, with detailed engraving to one side.

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to get your brand to the forefront of your client’s minds, we have plenty of options. Just get in touch to find out more!

Don’t forget, if you spend over £250* on branded merchandise before 28th February 2022, you’ll receive a FREE GIFT!!

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*£250 spend excludes origination, delivery and VAT.

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