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And it feels so good!

Back in 2020BC (Before Covid), we attended the last, large scale, industry trade show before the world come to a halt. It was the last 'normal' thing we did because a few weeks later we were in lockdown.

Yesterday, more than two years later, we were back and it was incredible to see some of our lovely industry pals in the flesh and discuss all of the new and exciting products that are on offer! Our feet are sore and our arms now resemble those of Arnold Schwarzenegger after carrying lots of amazing (but heavy) samples all the way home from Coventry to Kent, but it was worth every single moment because we know you will love what we found!

We've got so much to show so, before you head off for your four day, sunny (please, we've all earned it!), choc filled weekend, grab a cuppa and spend the next few minutes looking through our favourite new products!

First up is the Flex Notebook!

Ok, so, this isn't strictly new. The Flex Notebook has been part of our range for some time now and has been very popular however, it's the new branding way that we were so impressed with! Gone are the days where you need to limit yourself with a print to the cover. Now's the time to think about de-bossing your logo to the front. "De-bossing isn't new either!" we hear you cry. No, no it's not but we shall tell you what is... De-bossing to the inside cover. We'll let the pictures below do the talking...

Doesn't that look incredible?!

It's perfect if you want to add a message to the inside cover, or if you'd like to see your logo repeated all over like this fabulous London print.

Next up... The Circular&Co Recycled Coffee Cup!

This is the perfect coffee cup to show off your brand! The outer layer of the cup is made from used, recycled single-use paper coffee cups - giving you the perfect opportunity to show how eco-conscious your brand is. The inner walls and lid are made of PP making it safe to drink from and has a high heat tolerance, perfect for keeping hot drinks hot (and it even keeps cold drinks cold)!

Now, onto the most special feature about the product… the Circular&Co lid! What could be so special about a lid? Well, it's special because it is designed with 360-degree technology which allows you to drink from the cup whichever way you want to without it leaking. You simply push the lid from the top and it clicks open and close- no need to take off the lid at all, well unless you’re going for a refill, of course. To top it off, it is also made in the UK which is great - it means a reduction in the carbon footprint and contributes to the eco-friendly design that it is- ideal for you and your brand!

We also loved the Antimicrobial X3 Pen!

Despite the UK now 'living with Covid', avoiding it is still at the top of our lists of priorities and, believe it or not, this pen can help with that! The Antimicrobial X3 Pen contains Biomaster, known to be antimicrobial which provides safe and long-lasting protection against the growth of harmful bacteria, therefore being perfect for the world we live in today. The pen is consistently cleaning itself making it durable and reliable for anyone that uses it. So, next time your colleague asks to borrow your pen, you won't need to hesitate or ask them to sanitise first, the pen will take care of that for you! All there is to do is put your logo on it, and there you have a pen that not only writes, but protects the user too. A super-hero pen, if you will 🦸🏻

It's got a lovely, comfortable, stylish textured design - you can see below how crisp and clean it looks...

Now, Ladies and Gentleman it's time to bang those drums, blow those whistles and stamp those feet because, here comes our most favourite product.

The Note Bottle

When we tell you we all let out a little squeal when we saw this, we are not lying! Not even a slight exaggeration. Our favourite product of the whole day, possibly ever... They are the answer to the problem half of us never knew there could be a solution for.

Traditional water bottles are round, bulky and awkward to put in a bag. Whether that be a tote bag, handbag, laptop bag or a rucksack - bottles are round tubes of liquid and create problems when packing a bag, let's be honest. How can that be solved? Yes, that's right, a flat bottle. Not foldable. Flat. Well, flat-ish (it's got to hold some liquid!). A few mm thicker than a notebook, this water bottle holds 420ml water, is lightweight (water is heavy enough), and is BPA free. It will slide right into a laptop bag, can be carried in your hand with a notebook and may even fit into the back pocket of your jeans (we will be testing this at the weekend!). We can print on the bottle, on the silicone band, or both!

We are absolutely smitten with them. Move over traditional bottles, there's a new kid in town! We even did a little photo shoot with it this morning - the ob

There are plenty more products we found, but we'll save those for another day - make sure you subscribe to this blog to make sure you're the first to know more about them!

As always, if you'd like to see a sample please get in touch and we'll get one in the post for you! We can also offer free of charge visuals so you can see exactly how your brand will look on any of our products - just get in touch in the usual ways and we'll do the rest!

Now, all that is left to say is..... The sun's out, it's almost time for a four day weekend and there is chocolate with our names written all over it so we're signing off before it melts!

Have a fantastic Easter Weekend 🐣

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