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Coast Tropicana is open, Ladies and Gents, your one stop shop for all your Summer 2022 merchandise!!

We LOVE Summer (and George Michael of course, legend ⬆️!) – BBQ’s, socialising in the sunshine, long sunny walks, and day trips without the need for a coat, anything better? Nah! With 2022 being the most normal year of the decade so far, we know this summer is going to be amazing – and not just during our down time.

Whether you’re welcoming your staff back to the office with a social event, holding an event for your clients, a retail outlet looking to sell your own branded goods, or you’re a community establishment holding a festival or event, let us help with the goodies to go with it.

From cocktail stirrers and reusable plastics to festival bands and portable speakers, there’s something for every business, and every budget!

Here are just a few of the products we recommend for Summer 2022:

As you can see, we have quite the selection of summer merchandise just ready and waiting for your brand to be added, and there's so much more too!

Just get in touch in the usual ways to find out more!

"Alexa, play Club Tropicana!"

hello@go-coast.co.uk | 01797 322307 | go-coast.co.uk

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