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January is almost over 馃檶

Well, here we are, on the 937th January. Christmas was over a month ago, and it鈥檚 almost been a month since we set our New Year鈥檚 Resolutions. So, we thought we鈥檇 let you know how we鈥檙e getting on.



路 Do a press up for every year of my age (51)

路 Cook a recipe from every cookbook we own

路 Learn to play the bagpipes

How Andy鈥檚 getting on:

鈥淚鈥檝e started swimming three days a week and hope this is going to help with core strength for press ups.

So far I have cooked:

Turkey, Ham & Tarragon Pie in Creme Fraiche Sauce with Crunchy Filo Top 鈥 From Hairy Bikers Perfect Pies

Gammon with Cajun Potato Wedges & Pineapple Salsa 鈥 From Mary Berry Cook Now Eat Later

No movement on the Bagpipes yet but looking at classes!!鈥

We鈥檙e hoping we get to taste some of Andy鈥檚 wonderful cooking soon 鈥 we know he makes a mean bacon butty, so we can鈥檛 wait to try more!



路 Stop making excuses to stay in bed instead of going out for a run

路 Only drink on weekends

How Jayne鈥檚 getting on:

鈥淕etting out of bed to run 鈥 this was going really well this year and I was running 3 times a week UNTIL I finally organised the steroid injection in my knee which has put me out of action for a few weeks but watch this space!! I will be back stronger than ever 馃榿. Picture attached of my first park run of the year with my running club ladies!!

My substitute resolution (until I can run) is to meditate 3 times a week as from this week 鈥 never tried it before so will let you know how I get on.

Now to the drinking 鈥︹︹︹

Well, I was doing OK but then Lucy had a chemistry lesson at home, and she told me that alcohol was actually a solution, and the rest is history 馃槀馃槀

Well, you can鈥檛 argue with Science!



路 Go on holiday!

路 Read more books

路 Do a bit more running

How Emily鈥檚 getting on:

鈥淗olidays - So far I鈥檝e booked a UK staycation which I鈥檓 counting as a Holiday! I am still determined to get on a plane this year though!

Books 鈥 I have already read Running like a girl 鈥 Alexandra Heminsley & What I talk about when I talk about running 鈥 Haruki Marakami

Both great motivational books about running 鈥 yes, I鈥檓 becoming a running bore!

On my bedside table waiting to be read I have:

Daisy May Coopers 鈥 Don鈥檛 laugh it will only encourage her

Here we go round the mulberry bush 鈥 Tim Key

One Road In 鈥 Hannah R.Palmer

Running 鈥 I have been running 3 x a week and ran my first 10k of the year last Friday (just about survived)!!鈥

Emily鈥檚 not taking us on her holiday, we鈥檙e considering disciplinary action. But, in the meantime, Amie has forced Emily to do a half marathon with her, so that鈥檚 enough punishment for now!



路 Drink more water

路 Save the junk food for the weekend

路 50 Park Runs

路 Half Marathon

How Amie鈥檚 getting on:

鈥淲ell, I鈥檓 definitely drinking more water. Whether I鈥檓 getting my 2l a day is another matter, but I am trying!

I鈥檓 definitely eating junk at the weekends, but I am also eating it during the week 鈥 much less but a mid-week choccie bar is too tempting!

I鈥檓 on my way to my 50 Parkruns (17 down, 33 to go!). I even went along on New Year鈥檚 Day 鈥 start as I mean to go on and all that! I鈥檝e also signed up for my first half marathon. Training is difficult, but it鈥檚 getting slightly easier (currently up to 7.5 miles in my training and wondering how on earth I鈥檒l cope with double that on the day!). Here鈥檚 a pic of the stunning Kent coastline I鈥檓 using as my training ground - running alongside this each morning is making it a tiny bit easier鈥

Wow! That. Is. Stunning!

I think it鈥檚 safe to say we鈥檙e all doing well with our resolutions 鈥 whilst we鈥檙e only a month in, it looks as though we might all stick to these ones! We鈥檒l make sure to check back in in a few months to let you know how we鈥檙e getting on.

How are you getting on with yours? Let us know below!


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