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It's Friday! Phew!

Well, we’ve all made it to Friday!! The end of ‘Week 1’.

We’re usually used to working from home on rare occasions; like, if the gas man is coming, or if there’s a sofa being delivered, but never for more than one day at a time. This week has been interesting to say the least.

We’ve all learnt a lot about working from home this week, and we decided to share them with you (you lucky things!).


  • My neighbours are really noisy. The residents upstairs have lead feet (even their VERY active toddler), and the residents next door watch a LOT of day-time TV and have the volume up very high.

  • The fridge doesn’t magically fill up with treats, even after 104 visits over the course of a day. There’s still no chocolate. But, I’ve eaten an unhealthy amount of toast and I’m not even going to pretend it was brown bread.

  • Sitting on the sofa all day is not as fun as it sounds.

  • Wearing PJ’s every day is! (Clean ones, obviously!)

  • When working from home, any hour is a work hour – which is good for me because it means I can do things as I think of them, and not have to rely on my memory until the next day!

  • Waking up at 08:30 is the new normal (didn’t take long!) – what am I going to do when I need to go back to leaving home at 08:15?

  • I miss the morning commute – even the drivers who don’t indicate and the never-ending coast road.

Emily Wraight (aka Burt)

  • I am most productive at home early AM and late PM (9-5 is out the window!)

  • I can still drink as much tea at home as I do in the office

  • I generally talk to myself in a Northern accent

  • The lady who lives downstairs is a massive Dido fan… I have heard ‘White Flag’ at least 7 times a day.

  • Dreading the day I have to put a bra back on (sorry Andy!!)

Emily Ward (aka Ernie)

  • I have an ability to eat my entire body weight in crumpets with a ridiculous amount of butter on… just all day (it is an issue I am not planning on fixing)

  • Going back to crash with all my family has welcomed a whole bunch of distractions I hadn’t thought of, including my 3 year old niece constantly enquiring as to whether I can put Peppa pig on my ‘tv’ aka laptop

  • Breakfast made by Mums will always be the best breakfast in the world

  • I have no working hours, I was writing a sales report at 11pm last night and honestly it felt natural


  • One co-worker barks a lot the other co-worker only pretends to listen to me!

  • I’ve realised it is my dirty cup in the sink after all

  • The dog loves my husband more than he loves me – I might end up loving my dog more than I love my husband 😂

  • My mind thinks I can exercise 3 times a day but my knee has a different idea 😩


  • I’ve got another 9 series of Death in Paradise to watch

  • You can use voice control on the SKY remote – whoops am I supposed to be working?

  • Amazon has sold out of earplugs to help with nagging wives – thank goodness for the dog!

We all have one thing in common though – we’ve all learnt that we miss each other! Thank goodness for WhatsApp (now Jayne knows that WhatsApp group video calls are a thing, there’s no stopping her!).

Jayne has set us all a challenge to go out and walk for a mile each day, with the expectation that when we get back to the office we can all go out for one mile runs. Jayne has injured her knee, so can’t now take part… Coincidence? Stay tuned for our progress reports on that!

Even though it’s a surreal time, keep smiling and have a great weekend!

The Coast Team x

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