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How do you write yours?

Hands up who will be tuning into Dragon’s Den this evening…

We certainly will, we love to see what new businesses will get an investment, and we have also found a few new faves from watching too (Rockstar Spirits anyone?)

New Dragon, Steven Bartlett, has recently exposed what is written in their personalised Moleskine notebooks. He likes to pretty much transcribe everything the entrepreneur says from the minute they walk in the room, whereas Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden stick to one or two words.

We have weekly meetings here at Coast (currently via Teams - cheers Omicron!) so we’re always jotting things down. We’re a consistent bunch, with all of us being a bit more Deborah and Peter, than Steven. None of us can write fast enough for anything more 🙈

How do you write yours? Are you a bullet pointer, or a transcriber?

And, more importantly, what do you write yours in? Are you a scrap paper then type it up sort of person, or do you have a notebook for every scenario?

As you know we have a wide range of brand-able notebooks. From jotter pads, to Moleskines, we’ve got you covered for your next meeting - and don’t forget we have the pens too!

Here are our favourites:


They come in various sizes, with a variety of page types - they’re the most popular high end gift for your clients. The Moleskine name is famous worldwide, and not only with the Dragons. They have a whole host of celebrity fans, including Brad Pitt and the Captain of Industry, Richard Branson.

Evolve Fusion

The creme de la creme of notebooks. They feature a blend of contrasting covers with intricate stitching detail. Blind and colour embossing available, with optional extras such as tip in pages containing your important company message.

Watson Soft Touch

This is perfect for all budgets. With a colour matched elasticated pen loop and ribbon, and different branding options, it’s the perfect, low cost companion for business meetings.


Looking for something a bit more informal? The Wiro-Smart notepads are perfect. With full colour printing, and a full cover branding area, it’s a perfect desk/meeting buddy.

We have many more to choose from, and you can find them all on our website. Alternatively, give us a call and we’ll talk through them with you - we’re always here for a chat :)

hello@go-coast.co.uk | 01797 322307 | go-coast.co.uk

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