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Holidayyy… celebrateee!

We’re back with another blog and who doesn’t love talking about chilling in the sun, drinking cocktails and taking a dip in the pool ready for your 12 o’clock aquarobics lesson? ☀️

I think we all have been missing that hot air feeling when you step off the plane in a different country, there’s nothing quite like it! It almost feels as if it’s taken all your worries away 😍 (it does of course).

I mean who can’t love a holiday? All you have to do is sit in the sun, eat tons of food and ice cream (and I mean TONS), and sip an ice-cold Fanta Lemon on your sun lounger. What’s better than that?

Holiday season is here and we’re so ready, bring on the sun!! 😎

There’s only one TV show that’s acceptable to watch in the summer and that show being… Love Island! This is the only show that makes you feel as if summer is actually here, and we’ve got some cool love island style water bottles that would look perfect with your brand on it 😊.

To kick start the blog, we have the famous love island bottle! Also known as, the fruit fuse bottle. This bottle comes in the colours black and white which are staple colours for any brand! It has a fruit infuser which is practical when you don’t just want boring old water to drink, this makes the water bottle extremely refreshing and ideal for everyday life😋. The filter inside the bottle is also very easy to clean which is always going to be handy! Overall, the bottle itself is a fun, trendy and durable product which is perfect when printing your brand name onto it.

Next up is a very practical product that is always needed when having a beach day… the beach bag. This cotton beach tote bag is not only an essential when going to the beach to carry all your things, but you will always know it’s yours because of your brand name printed on it! 😁It also comes in a variety of colours to choose from because who doesn’t love a nice colourful tote bag?

Staying on the beach theme, we have a brandable beach towel to show you! Very handy when wanting to promote your business without even doing anything. The perfect item to have once you’ve had your dip in the pool and want to dry off in the sun on your branded towel! ☀️😎.

The most annoying thing is when you can’t find your suitcase at the airport, don’t you agree? Well don’t worry we’ve got you! Luggage tags with your brand on it are the best thing to have as they are great to use when trying to identify your suitcase from another. They are not only useful, but they are eco-friendly too due to being made from recycled materials!

Last but most certainly not least, we have the tread line baseball cap. Perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes and staying trendy at the same time. This baseball cap comes in a variety of colours to match with your brand name 😁. Ideal for days at the beach or even the pool where you don’t have to worry about your scalp getting burnt all day long. It is also made from 100% cotton material!

That’s all from us today, we hope you enjoyed our holiday related products blog and of course there are many more products we have to show on our website. If you have any questions or queries from today’s blog, get in touch using the usual ways below! Now, go and enjoy your summer and we hope you have an amazing time on any holidays you may have booked!! ☀️😎

Are you packing your suitcase this summer? 😁



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