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Tomorrow is Earth Day! So, what better time to have a look through some of our Eco-Friendly and Eco-Conscious products?!

Earth day celebrates the support for environmental protection since the birth of modern movement in 1970. It is important to show our support as it raises awareness of how to keep our planet clean and to create a less polluted world that we live in. We think it's safe to say we all support the idea of being eco-friendly as it will can only help future generations, and Earth Day is the perfect way to help show people what they could be doing to give that extra helping hand to the world.

We can all do our bit to contribute to our environment; from reusing and recycling, to taking that extra leap and showing how your company supports sustainability by focussing on Eco-Friendly merchandise! 2022 is just the beginning of a new, sustainable focus and will continue to develop over the course of our lives. 

Nothing is more important than living on a better, more environmentally friendly planet and our team at Coast have picked just a few of our favourite eco-friendly products to show you!

To begin with, if you know us you would know that we do love a good pen (especially if its environmentally friendly ), may we present to you, the Matte Recycled Pen. This pen is made from post-consumer recycled waste and has a variety of colours to match perfectly with your branding colours and even better with your brand name on it.

Next up, is a very convenient and useful Trolley Stick Keyring. This is designed using recycled polymers, also known as ‘wonder plastic’. It is made from 100% waste materials making it completely biodegradable. The best part about this trolley keyring is not only is it reliable, useful and eco-friendly, it also is manufactured in the UK which helps reduce carbon footprint! Just think, your brand could be on the key sets of hundreds of potential clients - they're a must have!.

Now, this must be one of our favourite and unique products for today… ladies and gentlemen, the Eco Cube. This is a fun cube filled with a soil pellet and seed sticks to grow your own plant- looking perfect in your office, or the office of your clients. It is again fully compostable and biodegradable and has a shelf life of two years, but, why would you want to throw them on the compost heap when you can use the pot as a pen holder! Ideal for your matte recycled pens to go in 🤔

This last eco-friendly product is just right to go travelling or even for a weekend camping, it’s great for both summer and winter and even better with your brand name on it. The bamboo and stainless-steel vacuum flask has a double wall to preserve the temperature of any liquid inside it. It has a carrying handle and includes a cup as the lid too- even better!

These are just a few of our favourite environmentally friendly products and there are plenty more that are being created in the world of merchandise to help make our planet a better place to be, and make use of the waste us humans have created!

As always, please get in touch in the usual ways below if you have any queries and we will be sure to answer them for you!

hello@go-coast.co.uk | 01797 322307 | go-coast.co.uk

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