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Guess Who's Back... Back Again... EVENTS are Back!...

that's right... TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!

Let’s put the past 2 years behind us and get events back on the agenda for 2022! With restrictions lifting once again we can head back out into the big wide world and start 'experiencing' again.

Yes virtual events are great for accessing events you may not have reached previously but there’s nothing quite like actually being there in the flesh!

Here are our reasons why Live Events are back & here to stay:

· Human interaction - In a day and age where digital is at everyone’s fingertips the chance to create authentic relationships and brand engagement is key. It’s easy to lose consumers in mass communication and live events can bring them back by creating authentic in person engagement.

· Brand awareness - Events come in all shapes and sizes but the ability for attendees to interact one on one with a brand, product, environment etc is a unique experience live events can provide. Brands can form strong connections with consumers & live events can help convert participants into brand advocates.

· Building connections - Live events are a great way for businesses to connect, build trust and create a long standing relationships with other businesses / customers / sponsors etc. In person communication is clearer and the best way to cement existing social bonds and strengthen relationships. They create time and space for informal small talk that can feel inappropriate or insincere in a more formal videoconferencing situation.

· Information gathering – Live events can provide a platform in which information about attendees can be gathered prior, during & post event. It is much easier to get information in a live event setting where there are less distractions and the attendee is fully immersed in the event. This then creates an environment where it is easy to personalise interactions with prospective clients.

And finally - FREE STUFF! We love that at live events there is often free swag to pick up & we’re sure your attendees will too. Therefore, if you’re planning a live event, it’s a great idea to get some standout branded merchandise giveaways. It is also an option to encourage your event sponsors to sponsor a branded product to enhance their visibility at your event.

Below you will find our most popular event merchandise & giveaways:


Lanyards are a key part of many events – differentiating staff from attendees etc and a way for people to display their name badges. They also provide great advertising space for sponsors that will be worn by all participants.

Tote Bags

Planning an event such as a trade show / exhibition where there is going to be a-lot of swag / collateral for the attendees to take away? It's a great idea to provide a tote bag or similar upon entry for attendees to pick up and carry around the event. Sponsors love this as an option to brand as generally everyone has one and uses it during the event and beyond creating a walking talking poster-board for their brand.


When have you been to an event and not picked up a pen? Always a handy giveaway that people tend to keep. There are so many colours, styles and branding opportunities with a pen it makes for a perfect, affordable giveaway.

Tech Gifts

Tech gifts make great giveaways as they feel expensive and useful. From USB sticks filled with info to portable chargers there are so many merchandise options (that are actually very affordable...shhh) that will make your attendees feel special when receiving.

We have 1000's more options for event giveaways that can be branded to make your business stand out in the world of Live Events. Check them out on our website or get in touch if you have an idea that you'd like some help with. We can't wait to hear from you 🙂

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