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The Coast Cockapoo Club 🐾

Employer: Coast Promotions

Employee requirements: Must have / be obsessed with Cockapoos.

Here at Coast the team have many things in common, however, our dog chat is next level!

One thing we all remember from our interview was – “Do you like dogs?!”... “Erm yes, of course, who doesn’t?!” We couldn’t believe our luck that there was an office dog! Archie Sheridan – our main man ‘pre-pandemic’ (how is this now a common phrase?!) He would come in to the office daily to greet us with excitement & kisses. Mooch around the office, have a look to see who’d left any scraps in their bins for him to steal & be the best guard dog in town.

Amie has recently acquired a step-dog who she dog-sits one day a week and I have a cockapoo brother who visits regularly! (We both speak of our Teddy’s as if they were our own!) “oh I remember the chewing phase” / “Teddy just fell asleep on my lap – how adorable” / “here’s picture 12520 I’ve taken today – just look at him!” We are insanely smitten! But don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about our day one Archie - we Zoom him regularly! Meet our boys below 🥺

Archie Teddy Ted

No wonder so many people have bought, adopted or acquired a dog over the past few years. They bring complete joy and companionship 💙

This article gave us all the feels - https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/21/sausage-dog-happy-family-working-home-sprains-tail-wagging-hard-12435350/

So if you – like us are OBSESSED with these beautiful creatures - We have many dog / pet products perfect for your pet obsessed employees / customers.

Check out all our pet products here

Making dogs your brand ambassadors? We are ALL FOR IT!!

Oh.. you thought i'd got through a blog post without any puns?... WRONG... These products are PAWsome. You'll be HOUNDED by your COLLIEagues for some of these. You'd be BARKING mad to miss out. Thanks FUR reading..... (and breathe!!)

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