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A Warm Welcome…

We all know those first day nerves of a new job, well what if we could change that with a warm welcome gift? 😊

There is nothing better than feeling welcome and comfortable when you start a new job, so why not be that company that makes your employees feel that way?

We have created some giftset box ideas that would be perfect to hand out to your new team members! Not only a lovely way to welcome someone new but creates a good perception of your company that people would be interested to work for.

You can choose anything you would like to put inside the boxes to create the perfect welcome gift!

In the first giftset box that we have created, it features a top flask bottle, an A5 notebook, and a recycled pen. All these products would look perfect with your branding on them, making it a professional and presentable way to welcome a new employee. They are practical products that are used regularly, therefore they will not go to waste and creates a good first impression of the company.

Our second giftset box idea is another great way to invite someone new into your company. Inside this box it has a trolley coin keyring (always handy when popping to the shops! 😁), an A5 notebook again (you can’t beat a good traditional notebook), and finally a reusable coffee cup. The coffee cup is always a staple as who doesn’t want a lovely coffee to wake you up in the morning? Even better with your brand on!

The final giftset box which can also be known as a ‘welcome box’ involves a miller shopper tote bag, an eco-notebook and pen set, and a rice cup. We have created this box to give you an environmentally friendly outlook on your business as all these products have eco-friendly benefits. These convenient products would be a great box to gift someone new as it creates feelings of comfortability when joining a new job.

These products are just a few of our ideas of what you can put into a welcome box. You can choose anything you would like to put into a box that suits your company best and that you would feel will make new employees enjoy being a new asset to your team!

That is all from us today, we hope you enjoyed this week’s blog! If you have any other queries or requirements, make sure to get in touch using the ways below. 😀


01797 322307


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