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A Right Royal Visit!

A little bit of a different blog from us today.

As you already know, a few weeks ago we moved into a brand spanking new office. It’s a place we’re so happy to call home!

The Romney Marsh Business Hub was designed to provide flexible workspace for both ready established small, local businesses and start-ups or smaller companies who have been working from home or online previously. It has bought a range of new business and job opportunities to The Marsh.

We were the very first tenants in the building back in April, and we have really enjoyed being in such a light and modern space giving us opportunity to network with other local businesses. It’s lovely to be able to say hello and have a quick chat with other people working in the building too!

A few weeks ago we were delighted to find out that the Business Hub would be officially declared open by His Royal Highness Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester. When we say ‘delighted’, what we actually mean is nervous and VERY excited to be meeting a member of the Royal Family. We set to work very quickly on practicing our handshakes and curtsies!

We met The Lord-Lieutenant of Kent, The Lady Colgrain whilst we were exhibiting at Business Vision Live a couple of weeks ago. We were given a quick lesson in how to curtsy and how to address The Duke whilst he was visiting, which we were incredibly grateful for!

Yesterday, dressed in our finest, we had the opportunity to meet The Duke before the plaque unveiling, and give him a little insight into Coast and what we do. He seemed very impressed with some of the samples we had picked out to showcase, and even gave us some suggestions for the future (twinkling tiara anybody?).

The Duke ended his visit with his congratulations to all involved in the development of the space, and expressed his best wishes to those who took up space in the building.

We’re pretty sure that Royal visits are very rare, if not once in a lifetime, for most people, so we feel so honoured to be a part of such a special day.

We may even bring the curtsy in as a standard Coast greeting now we know how to do it properly!

Here are some pictures from our Right Royal Day:

Sadly, we were far too busy chatting to His Royal Highness about merchandise so we didn't snap any selfies when he came to speak to us, but the memories will be forever in our minds!

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