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5 months down the line!...

Ok so the regular blogging seems to have slipped our minds, oops! But... to be fair... not sure if you've heard... there's been a 'Global Pandemic' going on, so I feel like we can be forgiven.

We may have been quiet but we have been here, in the background, listening and bettering ourselves for what we think is going to be a MASSIVE YEAR... 2021.

Emily loves a poem so here she is giving us all the feels from home...

Since the last blog post, we are now 5 months on

Very confused as to where that time has gone

Life has been on pause, but the time still flies

We’ve been through lows, we’ve been through highs

Zoom calls, WhatsApp’s, keeping in touch

Weekly photos of the office dog... we miss him so much!

Not physically together but still a team

2020 feels like a bad dream

3 weeks of lock down and then back work for sure

If only we’d known back then what the world had in store

“Unprecedented times” “Stay Safe, Stay Alert” they say

A global pandemic ‘the new normal’ changing each day

We’ve volunteered and decorated, exercised and bought bikes

Paddle boarded and crafted and been on multiple hikes

A few glasses of vino to help us get through

As our MD stated - “What else are you going to do?!”

Communities and businesses looking out for each other

Friends and families, acquaintances and lovers

More compassion, more kindness, together as one

Thankful for the little things, Grateful for the sun

Let’s hope the good continues and the virus goes away

Stay positive as tomorrow is always a new day

2020 you’ve not been the one…

So, all we can say is... Bring on 2021!

Don't forget that Coast are here for you. Let's talk... We've missed you x

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