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Christmas is Coming...

Christmas is coming, you’ll need some gifts for that, how about a branded mug, some pens, some sweets, a hat? If you haven’t got any ideas, we’ll show you what we do; If you need some gifts for Christmas, Coast are here for you!

Christmas day is coming, lights are on the tree, Why not treat your company with merch for all to see. If you haven't got a big budget, a little one will do; If you need some gifts for Christmas, Coast are here for you!

Christmas day is coming, the season of good cheer, Why not re-fresh your brand for the brand-new year! If you haven't got a logo, a brand name will do; If you need some branded merchandise, Coast are here... for... you...!

Here at Coast we are MASSIVE fans of Christmas! (I mean - who isn’t?!) Amie has been playing Christmas songs since ‘Heart Xmas’ went live (yep that’s the 25th of October!) & Emily has been begging to put the Christmas tree since the 1st of November! Andy is looking out his festive fancy dress and Jayne is excitably planning the Coast Christmas party! After the wash-out that was Christmas 2020 we are doubly excited about this years festivities!!

Here are out top 5 brandable Christmas products that we love love love:

  1. Seeded Paper Tree Decorations (stylish AND sustainable)

Seeded paper tree decorations that you can plant after use
Seeded Baubles

2. Christmas chocolate & sweets (obviously)

delicious sweet treats for the winter season
Christmas Chocolates

3. Vintage ceramic mug (so cute & the perfect gift teamed up with our hot choc stirrers (above))

vintage ceramic mug for hot drinks
Vintage ceramic mug

4. Christmas Pudding (Is it even Christmas without one of these?)

Delicious 180g fruity christmas pudding
Christmas Pudding

5. Scented candle with bamboo lid (a lovely gift & smells absolutely delicious)

glass candle with bamboo lid and vanilla scent
Christmas candle

For more info on any of these products please email us at - hello@go-coast.co.uk

The countdown to Christmas is ON! With just 6 weeks to go – it’s time to place your orders for your client / staff gifts. Or if you want to get ahead of the game and place your order for New Year stock - get in touch with us today!

While you’re at it why not take advantage of our wonderful winter offer...

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