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Created by Nature for Nature

The casings of the True Biotic range are made from bio based, biodegradable and non-toxic biopolymers (PHAs), which are sustainably generated through natural processes like biosynthesis. The same natural way micro-organism produce biopolymers, they also rapidly decompose them again - wherever they happen to be, even in the sea.

Because in nature, nothing is lost, everything is transformed

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QS40 True Biotic

The range offers two, very special pens – the QS40 True Biotic, and the DS8 True Biotic (pictured below). The revolutionary biopolymers of the casings for these two pens, are produced naturally by millions of micro-organisms.

Not only do they degrade quickly without any negative impact on the environment, they also act as fertilisers! Yes, you read that right – these pens act as fertilisers!! So, when these pens run out of ink (which will be a long time, we can assure you!) you can pop them in with your tomato plants to help them grow big and strong!

DS8 True Biotic

TÜV Austria, world leader in the certification of bioplastics, certifies the PHA used for the manufacturing of the DS8 and QS40 True Biotic as biodegradable in marine water, fresh water and soil (natural, uncontrolled conditions) as well as in home composting or industrial composting (specific, controlled conditions).


If you’re looking for a way to promote your brand in a way that shows you truly care about the environment, the True Biotic Range is the way to do it!

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Want to let everyone know what an extraordinary writing instrument they’re receiving? Pair the QS40 or the DS8 with the Shiro Alga Carta pouch. It’s pre-printed on both sides, is produced sustainably and CO2 neutrally from FSC paper blended with algae, which would otherwise be infesting the marine environment of the Venice Lagoon.

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