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Why Branded Merch Works...

Take a look around you... I bet there is at-least one piece of branded merchandise within reach? A pen that got sent to you in the post? That stress ball you play with when you're on the phone? How about the coaster you rest your cup of tea on daily?

Yes I work in branded merchandise but I seem to be surrounded by products i've received / picked up from all over the place! A hotel pen, a magnet from a gas engineer, a notebook from an event i attended last year. All reminding me - What a lovely holiday i had at that hotel / I'll know who to call if my boiler goes on the blink (again!) & that i should really book my place for this year's event!

According to a recent merchandise survey:

  • 82% of people keep promotional items they are given. Meaning your brand will be in the forefront of your customers mind.

  • 61% of people who have a branded item on their desk go on to purchase from that company.

  • 9/10 people believed branded merchandise increased company awareness.

  • Customers said they like tangible things - in this digital world it's nice to have something to touch & feel.

How many flyers do you throw away? How many advertisements do you scroll past on social media?

I know for me it's A LOT on a daily basis & i'm sure most people are the same.

However if a branded mug / charger / pen, was to land on your desk... you'd probably keep it, right?

Who doesn't love a freebie?! Creative, thoughtful & useful products can bring happiness to your customers - leaving a good impression of not only your product but of your brand as a whole. Tangible products can create an emotional impression - which in advertising terms, it's the difference in left and right brain thinking where the impact of an emotional message with a brand message builds potential for more effective, successful activation. You can quite literally land your brand in their hands (& heart!).

Here are my top 3 merchandise products I have personally been given at events (proving it doesn't have to be all pens & key-rings 😜):

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